Douglaston Realty

David Esposito

When it comes to finding a reliable and knowledgeable real estate professional in Douglaston, New York, look no further than David Esposito. As a licensed New York Real Estate Salesperson, Dave brings with him an impressive track record of serving the Douglaston community. With his extensive insider knowledge, dedication to client satisfaction, and deep roots in the neighborhood, Dave is the go-to expert for all your real estate needs.

  • Insider Knowledge and Local Expertise: With over 40 years of residency in Douglaston, Dave is a true local who knows the community inside out. He understands the unique characteristics, market trends, and hidden gems that make Douglaston a desirable place to live. This deep understanding enables Dave to provide invaluable insights and guidance to his clients, ensuring they make informed decisions.

  • A Retired NYPD Detective Turned Real Estate Professional: Dave’s background as a retired NYPD Detective sets him apart in the real estate industry. His strong work ethic, attention to detail, and commitment to serving others have seamlessly transitioned into his career as a real estate professional. Dave’s dedication to helping his clients achieve their goals is unmatched, and his clients can rely on him to go above and beyond to meet their needs.

  • Diverse Transaction Experience: Dave has an impressive track record of successfully working on and closing various types of real estate transactions. From short sales and foreclosures to co-ops, condominiums, single-family homes, and investment properties, Dave has the expertise to navigate any deal with confidence. His experience ensures that clients receive top-notch guidance and support throughout the entire transaction process.

  • Customer Satisfaction and Referrals: One of Dave’s greatest accomplishments is the trust and loyalty he has earned from his clients. He takes the time to listen to their needs, evaluates their requirements, and goes the extra mile to help them achieve their goals. Dave’s dedication to delivering exceptional service has resulted in a thriving business primarily built on referrals from satisfied customers.

For all your real estate needs in Douglaston, New York, David Esposito is the trusted professional you can rely on. With his extensive insider knowledge, background as a retired NYPD Detective, and commitment to client satisfaction, Dave is well-equipped to guide you through the intricacies of the Douglaston real estate market. Experience the difference of working with a true local expert and contact Dave to help you achieve your real estate goals.